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How It Works

Workforce Management Experts

EzHrPay's browser based software is a powerful scheduling, employee self serve and time and attendance tool. Based on the reliable cloud computing model EzHrPay is scalable enough to be used by small organisations as well as the enterprise for any number of employees. It can be deployed at your own data centre or you can decide to have us host it for you using the increasingly popular Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing deplo

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EzHrPay: All in One System!

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The Key Benefits

One of the most Advanced ONLINE Workforce Scheduling service yet still simple to use and very intuitive.

Web-based. Easy to deploy to thousands of users with no need of expensive terminal services. No need for Windows. Works on any browser.

Secure access from any internet browser, i-phone, i-pad and many smartphones. Handles, Employee, Leave, Diaries, Multiple Positions and Skills, Bids, Availabilities, Shift Rules, Work Patterns, Movements (such as Aircraft, Trains and buses).

Generate your employees schedule in minutes.

Workforce Planner. Allows experimentation with different scenarios to more efficiently cover the work to be done.

Integrated Time and Attendance System. Integrates very easy with USB Time Clocks, IP internet Swipe Clocks and Bundy Clocks. Full online documentation.

Dynamic Task and Shift generation for modeling and to generate an efficient employee roster based on the organization's work rules. Tasks are automatically allocated to employees and their shifts.

Leave Functionality

Easter Roster effective leave program, keeps detailed leave balances, leave accruals, leave limits and records full and partial leave both in days and in hours.

Leave Balance History

Ginagamit upang i-track ang lahat ng mga record na leave-related para sa empleyado.

Leave Balance Setup

Ginagamit upang i-setup ang mga accrual datesat ang saklaw ng petsa kung kailan aktibo ang leave.

Leave Reports

Can be generated anytime for reporting, data analysis and auditing purposes.

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Patterns Manager

Once the planned work tasks are created from the demand, the system can create the most efficient shifts for these tasks. This way, idle time can be easily highlighted between multiple tasks in one shift for different locations.



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Payroll Module

MizziSoft has incorporated all the local tax calculations into the EZHRPAY application. The payroll program auto calculates all the premiums and deductions from the approved worked hours. The Team at MizziSoft has been developing, installing and supporting Rostering and Workforce management application since 1994. Resulting in specialized software that has been developed to support HR and Payroll systems, allowing it to be configured to meet and exceed the requirements.

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