A software to service all divisions within the Casino / Hotel Industry

Scheduling within a casino environment is about options, responding to the every changing workload demands

Payroll, HR, Rostering and Workforce Management for Casino/Hotel Operations

Payroll, HR, Scheduling, Leave Management and Attendance within a casino environment is about options, responding to the every changing workload demands, ensuring the Operation Managers have the resource they need to maximize the return on the gaming floor. Effective and efficient rostering or labor management within a Casino or a Hotel can be very time consuming and complicate, if not managed efficiently it can be very costly to the bottom line. Labor is one of the biggest controllable expenses. EzHrPay is the only system on the market that breaks shifts down to the task level which allows you to manage your labor as efficiently as possible.


EzHrPay Payroll, HR & Scheduling for Casinos, Resorts, Hotels, Food & Beverage

The EzHrPay system will provide valuable information to make good economical viable decisions. Matching employees to workload efficiently, reduces downtime, is cost effective, improve productivity and customer service, increasing service delivery.

  • Multiple KVIs / Tasks Per Shift
  • Fully Web Enabled
  • Web Security
  • Devices
  • Database
  • Server Replication
  • Floor Plans
  • Super Pits & Table Analyser
  • Powerful Employee Allocation
  • Table Forecasting using Hands In
  • Using your Key Volume Indicators we can allocate work to many locations in the same shift thus fully utilizing your employees.
  • Both the Full System and Employee Kiosk are web based.
  • Fully Protected In Data Centre using industrial SSD Linux servers
  • All HTML5 Browsers which include Windows, ChromeBooks, Macs, Android TV, Tables & Phones, iPads, iPhones and other Smart Phones
  • We use the industrial grade Mysql database that is very fast and can scale to 64 CPU machines per instance on our servers.
  • We do full database and server replication so if one machine goes down it will automatically switch to the replication machine.
  • Dynamic Floor plan functionality allowing Multi skill breakers/supervisors. We link the breakers, and supervisors to the tables.
  • The Super Pits program enables gaming rosterers to quicly plan the floor operations to Open/Close tables using drag & drop functionality.
  • Employees can be allocated to multiple tables in the same shift. For Food and Beverage employees can be allocated to different locations in the same shift.
  • Forecast tables to Open/Close by hour based on hourly Hands In Play data and dynamically allocate breakers, supervisors and swing supervisors for the opened tables.
  • Not Available
  • Partially on Employee Kiosk only
  • Weak protection using In House Windows Server
  • Only Windows PCs. Not Future Proof
  • Only text files, no database on a single machine. That is why the competitor's software is slow
  • None
  • Basic
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available

Forecasting - Gaming & Non-gaming Demands

EzHrPay provides valuable information to make good economical, viable decisions. Matching employees to workload efficiently, reduces down time, is cost effective, improves productivity and customer service, increasing service delivery.


Casino Floor Plans - Dynamic and Manual

From which Dynamic Floor Plan generated calculating Breakers/Swings, and Supervisor and providing the scheduler with graphical displays. From which EzHrPay identifies the workload, creates tasks to cover the workload, then generates shift to cover the tasks, which is allocated to an suitable employee.

EzHrPay Casino Functionality

Super Pit: Table Games

Daily Operations Management Program

SuperPit - daily operations management program.

Tables can be opened/closed with a few clicks.

Staff can be re-allocated to a different table/pit with this drag & drop functionality. No more pen and paper needed.

Task Manager

Graphical display of work volumes.

Graphical dispay of work volumes

Utilising data determine workload

EzHrPay will then generate the Tasks by (15,30 or 60 min) increments based on your setup for each positions by shift.

Abiding by system parameters and priority build shifts around the tasks

Shift can then be allocated to employees





  • 由客户来调配软件将会确保满足业务运营规则
  • 用户获得额外的知识,以便能够管理应用程序,并能够重新配置软件以符合未来的需求



  • 休假审批: 批准,拒绝,强制待处理,等待,等等。
  • 员工通过员工信息网站提交的休假申请会立即显示到休假计划屏幕。
  • 休假审批结果会通过电子邮件,短信,系统通知员工。
  • 休假审批可以设置为自动批准,或者经理用休假计划屏幕批准/拒绝休假。